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O&O SafeErase Professional 17 Free License Key (Giveaway)

O&O SafeErase Professional 17 Free License Key

If you are looking for a secure way to delete sensitive data from your computer, then O&O SafeErase Professional 17 is a great option. The best part is that now you can get a free license key for the professional version by visiting the O&O giveaway page.

O&O SafeErase Professional 17 is used by many businesses, government agencies, and individuals to securely delete sensitive data. This software is certified by the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) and meets the standards of the US Department of Defense.

The software is available in a free and professional version. The free version allows you to erase individual files and folders, while the professional version includes additional features, such as the ability to erase entire hard drives and partitions, as well as the ability to wipe free space.

So if you also want to get a working O&O SafeErase Professional 17 Free License Key, then read this article carefully and we will guide you through how to get the license key from the giveaway page.

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What is O&O SafeErase Professional 17?

O&O SafeErase Professional 17 is a powerful software designed to enhance your data privacy and security by effectively deleting sensitive information from your computer or storage devices.

This advanced tool goes beyond traditional file deletion methods, ensuring that data is permanently and irreversibly erased, leaving no trace for potential recovery.

Now you can confidently remove confidential files, documents, browser histories, cookies, and more, preventing unauthorized access and protecting yourself from identity theft or data breaches.

Here are some of its key features:

Secure Data Deletion:

O&O SafeErase ensures that files, documents, and sensitive data are permanently deleted from your system, leaving no chance for recovery. It employs advanced deletion methods to overwrite data multiple times, making it virtually impossible to reconstruct.

Various Deletion Algorithms:

The software provides a selection of deletion algorithms, including internationally recognized standards like DoD and BSI, to cater to different security requirements. Users can choose the level of deletion that best suits their needs.

Browser Cleaner:

O&O SafeErase can erase browser histories, cookies, and cached files from popular web browsers, helping to maintain your online privacy by removing traces of your internet activity.

File and Folder Deletion:

You can selectively delete specific files or entire folders securely. This feature is handy when you want to remove sensitive data while retaining other non-sensitive files.

Disk Wiper:

The disk wiper feature enables you to securely erase entire hard drives, partitions, or external storage devices. This is particularly useful when you’re preparing to sell or dispose of a computer or storage device.

Free Space Cleaner:

Even after regular file deletion, remnants of data may still be present on your hard drive. O&O SafeErase can clean the free space on your drive, ensuring that previously deleted files are completely overwritten.

Customizable Profiles:

You can create personalized deletion profiles tailored to your specific needs. These profiles can include predefined settings and actions, streamlining the data erasure process.

Analysis Tools:

O&O SafeErase includes tools that help you identify potential privacy risks on your computer. It scans for traces of sensitive data and highlights areas that require attention.

O&O SafeErase Professional 17 Free License Key

Visit the giveaway page from here. Please note that this page is in the German language. You can use Google Translate to translate the page in your native language.

Once done, enter your e-mail address in the box and click the “Request a free license” button.

Check your e-mail address, and open the mail from O&O Software ([email protected]). Confirm your e-mail address by clicking on the confirmation link.

Once done, wait for a few seconds, and you’ll receive another e-mail regarding O&O SafeErase Professional 17 License Key.

Download the setup file installer – 64bit.

Run the installer and you’ll be asked to provide a serial number to activate the software. Click on the “Enter Registration Code” option and enter your Name, Company Name, and the serial code that you’ve received in your e-mail address.

Once you enter all the required details, click the Next button and finish the registration.

That’s it!! O&O SafeErase Professional 17 would be activated free for a lifetime without any free technical support and no free updates.



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